Zum Verhältnis von demokratischer und konstitutioneller Regression unter populistischen Regierungen - Eine empirische Analyse


Populism and liberal democracy are – at least in parts – in conflict.Researchers have discussed a possible relationship between populist par-ties in government and democratic regression. In countries with sweepingpopulist majorities - such as Hungary - populists in power have under-mined democratic institutions through constitutional changes. Our paperanalyzes whether this mechanism is systematically applied by populistsin government in Europe and Latin America. Using V-Dem and V-Partydata, we investigate whether constitutional change leads to democraticregression more often under populist governments. The results from ourmulti-level model show that the relationship between populism and con-stitutional regression is ambiguous.

Leviathan (forthcoming)
Jasmin Sarah König
Jasmin Sarah König
Doctoral Researcher